Capitalism vs Gender

Discussion session on Capitalism and Gender arranged by Action Aid Bangladesh on 23rd april, 2016. Transcript by Hasan Mahmud.

In the world, maximum number of youths is living in South Asia. They are Rich, middle and poor classes. Most of the time rich youths are more harmful for the society than the poor youths. Some problems of youths are similar but they have different life style. Let us talk about middle class or lower middle classes. Young people are facing many problems because of market, market on our t-shirts. We are marketing by wearing T-shirt carried product advertisement. Market is doing for their profit. They produce cigarette and killing millions of people in the world. Rich people like shahruk khan promote whisky. Sachin Tendulkar’s son never drinks pepsi but he advertises for the brand. All advertisers are showing man is strong. Why the 18+ year’s half necked woman are jumping in T20 Cricket match? Because mostly man watching Cricket while woman cooking for him.

I don’t want to see your face all the time. Just tell me, what are you doing? And how you behaved? Your beauty will stay not more than five years. So, Market is related to Gender.

In India 13% rich children are getting fat and unhealthy because of insufficient playground.  Children’s have no chance to play. Air condition is the element that highly pollutes environment. But we are all promoting market.

All the time some young people working for society and for human. But all young people are not progressive. All young people are not fighting for humanity. Wise man like lalon, nazrul, begum rokeya says the same thing. Now days, you are following others. Your happiness depends on other people. You cannot your outside like skin color but you can control inside.

No religion gives equal right to woman. Religions tell us man is superior to woman. And we are mostly following in our family. From that sense, Constitutions of all the countries are against religion. If the constitution says equality, then all these discrimination is illegal.  There is no country in the world where there is no gender discrimination. We have no language to equality. In English, Husband means controller as well as in bangla word `shami`.

Just think how many times your sisters cook for you and vice versa? But there is inequality in inheritance.

People do not learn from your lecture, they will learn from your behavior. Capitalism increases inequality. Because conflict and war. Market capitalism wants the control of resources.

As consumer we have a lot of power. We should choose dress, food etc of our culture. Your national hero or models are Selling Pepsi or coca cola.

Kamla Bhasin, World feminist leader.

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